Strange Overtones

imageAs a hobby photographer and woman of color, I have always found it interesting how difficult it is to accurately capture my skin tone. See the before on the left & the post-filters on the right. There is a great article in The Guardian from a few years ago on how photography itself is a prejudiced medium as early color film favored white skin. From the article: “When Jean-Luc Godard was invited on an assignment to Mozambique in 1977, he refused to use Kodak film on the grounds that the stock was inherently “racist”. The light range was so narrow, Broomberg said, that “if you exposed film for a white kid, the black kid sitting next to him would be rendered invisible except for the whites of his eyes and teeth”. It was only when Kodak’s two biggest clients – the confectionary and furniture industries – complained that dark chocolate and dark furniture were losing out that it came up with a solution.”

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