The Impossible Red, White, and Blue


I think it is important to understand Trump supporters. In the past summer I have met a handful, ranging from polite university student campaign staffers with dreams of going into real estate or becoming President themselves (“if you look good and can speak in front of a camera, that’s all it takes – that’s how JFK was elected!”), to immigrants who work and study sometimes pulling 20 hour days (not a racist, but Trump epitomizes the American Dream for him; supports the wall as he prides himself on his hard work and worries about his future in this country), to the bizarre alt-conservative coupling of Trump supporters and educated ex-Bernie bros at Milos Yiannopoulos’ talk at UCLA (shouting in unison “build a wall,” holding placards “feminism is cancer” and “Gay Latinos against feminism”). They make up a more complicated demographic than progressives like myself often care to admit and whoever wins the election will have to win their hearts, minds, and trust too – there is more at stake here than a single nation’s presidential election.

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