Luke 19:41

Given our tumultuous political cycle, and the tragic events across the nation of the past year, I have been thinking about what it means when your country – or the world at-large – breaks your heart. To be broken-hearted, whether in the face of such injustice, personal tragedy, or unrequited love itself, is to be rendered into in a state of true humility. When we give up our pretensions of being able to control reality, we accept our limitedness. This limitedness is paradoxically the door to fullness – our own humanity itself. Without a broken spirit, we could never feel the full spectrum of what it means to be human – necessary for empathy. Without a broken heart, we could never rebuild something better, be it a world or a relationship, etched from a longing for what should or could have been. It is important to remain sensitive to the senseless. I suppose it is possible to have unrequited love for your country.

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