Best of Poppie Cock Nov 20-27, 2016


Editor’s Picks: Best of Poppie Cock Facebook Page Comments for Week of November 20-27, 2016.

Poppie Cock: The Romance of the First Amendment

I founded Poppie Cock as an entertainment education group with an irreverent focus on changing mental models. This can only be done with an unabashed confrontation with the truth, all of our truths, no matter how uncomfortable they may seem at times. This is why I will travel across the country to listen and record uncensored commentary by all Americans on what their American Dream looks like. Some of the comments on the Facebook page so far trouble me. I am surprised Facebook, which does not allow free rein of speech on its social media platform, has not shut down the page so far given some of the comments about Jews, Latinos, and other minorities.

I attended the same high school as Ivanka Trump, our new Daughter-in-Chief in The White House. The KKK and the World Church of the Creator would regularly visit Wallingford, Connecticut which is home to Choate Rosemary Hall. Wallingford did not celebrate Martin Luther King Day. This image is from one such rally and depicts Jesse Jackson greeting klansman. My fellow classmates remember that day when police shot rubber bullets at student protesters.
There is a concern, with rise of the right across the world, that the klansmen will no longer need to hide behind their robes. So we at Poppie Cock welcome them, along with other men, women, trans, sons, daughters, ghosts, robbers, old men, young men, wise men, brothers-in-love to a new platform coming soon where America can come together and air love and hate in whatever language it so chooses.

– Anthea Jay Kamalnath, CEO & Founder 💋

America Listens


Poppie Cock and friends will film a post-election listening tour across America starting with the Granite State. If you are in New Hampshire next week, join! 🌺

Poppie Cock


America needs Charlie Chaplin. Now more than ever.

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